Contactless & Telemetry

We are passionate about leading innovation in the vending industry. We have already implemented contactless payment options to our vending machines so that a customer can pay by card with a simple tap. Our smart cashless technologies are state-of-the-art which are visually stunning and have excellent signal strength so the vend transacts in seconds.

We also provide in-built telemetry systems to our machines so our Account Managers can respond to real-time vending machine stock-level updates. This means we know exactly how much stock is remaining remotely in the machine and can schedule operators to client sites to replenish at exactly the right time – giving you complete peace of mind.

We are continuing to innovate our machines making them more interactive and the latest in the industry. Such developments include:

Motion-detection light up displays when you approach

Product scents to give you that extra sensory feeling

Talking machines enhancing the personal experience

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