No Contracts. No Hassle. Just Great Snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the vending machine or service cost anything?
A: If the equipment is supplied free on loan, no, the only cost is when a user purchases a snack or drink.

Q: Do we have a limited choice of products?
A: As we are an independent company we are not contracted or obliged to use certain products, we can use any e.g. Redbull, Lucozade, Yazoo, Coke, Pepsi, juices, water, Walkers, Golden Wonder, Nestle, Mars products and Cadburys. These are just a few examples.

Q: What happens if we need a more regular refill?
A: We will monitor stock levels very closely and will fine tune your service schedule. It’s not in our interest to have an empty machine.

Q: What happens if the machine is faulty?
A: We have invested a lot of money and time into our machine inventory. If a fault should occur we will be there within 24 hrs to resolve the issue and carry parts if required.

Q: What about if the machine is vandalized?
A: No need to worry, we insure the machines and take full responsibility for any damage.

Q: If we no longer want the machine or require your services, what happens?
A: It’s never happened yet but if you require the machine to be removed just simply telephone us with 14 days notice.

Q: Can we have a trial?
A: Of course, just remember you have nothing to lose but lots to gain.