Why Choose Surrey Vending?

We believe vending gives you a little treat with a lot of joy – and that gives us the motivation to deliver a superior and personal vending experience so you can have many enjoyable moments whenever you need it. We love to get to know our clients’ requirements first so we can build a tailored vending provision that works for your environment.

With years of experience in the food and beverage industry supplying hundreds of companies, we can provide advice and solutions to organisations of any industry and size. We will effectively and efficiently implement a vending solution at your workplace, whether it’s to improve your current offering or afresh with a modern vending solution. Check out our Services
to find out more.

Our Ethos

We have a strong focus on sustainability, ethics and creating a positive social and environmental impact for our stakeholders.

To our commitment to environmental sustainability:

Our delivery and service routes are specifically optimised to enable the lowest mileage and carbon emissions across each week.

Our drivers use low emission vehicles when delivering vending machines and providing replenishment runs.

We work with suppliers to make sure product packaging is 100% recyclable where possible.

Coronavirus Safety

In light of the unprecedented worldwide events of Covid-19, we are continuing to monitor the situation extremely carefully and remain vigilant and ready to take necessary measures to ensure the highest possible safety to our staff and clients. We take our advice from Public Health England and have reviewed our measures in line with their advice as follows:

Providing updated best practice and hygiene guidelines to our staff

Advising all staff to get fully vaccinated and getting the necessary boosters as required

Issuing PPE including hand and surface sanitisers, anti-bacterial wipes, face masks and gloves for all staff, operators and technicians to use at our offices, warehouses and client sites

Advising all operators and technicians to wash hands with soap thoroughly on arrival and before departing each client site and wearing all necessary PPE

Instructing employees on self-isolation rules and following other government guidelines closely if coming into contact with someone with Covid-19 or testing positive themselves

Enforcing strict travel measures so that only essential domestic work travel is permitted and no overseas business travel at this time

We plan in accordance with the ever-changing Covid-19 environment and monitor our plans daily so that we can adapt to implement the best possible measures to combat the coronavirus.