This is our most popular vending machine known as snack-combi machines that hold 50/50 snacks and drinks. The design of these machines allow for a wide selection of snacks and drinks in the machine.

It is available in different sizes to suit any organisation and can be fitted with the latest technology.


If you’re looking for a machine that does snacks or drinks only then the snack-only or drink-only machines are a great choice. These machines are designed to stock large quantities of either snacks or drinks and are highly dependable to cope with the demands of your business – plus it can add a much wider product selection in the machine.


We have two types of freestanding hot drinks machines perfect for frequent use:

  1. An in-cup machine 
  2. An automatic machine

The in-cup drinks machines deliver comforting hot beverages fast at the touch of a button. It dispenses coffees, teas, soups as well as cold cup options like water and squash.

Our automatic hot drinks machines are top quality and offer a comprehensive menu of 15+ specialty-grade bean-to-cup coffees like traditional espressos as well as fresh brew teas and hot chocolates.


We have strong partnerships with the leading coffee manufacturers to offer small to large bean-to-cup professional and commercial coffee machines at affordable prices. Be it table-top or freestanding coffee machines, the machines we supply are made using long-lasting materials and durable high-pressured brewers for optimum taste.

We also do our very own premium range of specialty-grade coffee beans so if you choose us you’ll get a complete package giving you the best tasting bean-to-cup coffee experience. We have a saying at Surrey Vending – the best cup of coffee relies 50% on machine and 50% on bean.

Our technicians are certified and trained to service any brand of coffee machine. With their on-the-go repair kits and full spare parts, they can attend your site at a moment’s notice to fix any issues. We also have a one-stop shop for all coffee machine ancillaries such as decaf beans, chocolate powder, teas, brand-specific cleaning agents and much more.

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